Somewhere between sculpture and objects for daily use

On going project since 2010. Ceramic

Is it necessary to define all things as black and white? Between the clear demarcations of black and white there is the gray area. The gray area includes both black and white. It belongs to a certain position, but somehow it does not. With this feature the gray area opens up possibilities in which we view the black and white from a new perspective. We start asking questions and seeking answers. We move in an unknown direction. With this teapot I explore the gray area between sculpture and objects for daily use.

For more than ten years I have been working with ceramics. For me ceramics is like an old friend. In each friendship we develop an individual way of getting along with each other. For the teapot I develop a special method. I throw hollow ceramic balls without an exit for the air in different sizes. During the soft state of the ceramic balls I carefully shape them by hand on a sponge. The air inside helps me create a natural shape.

One of my expertises is developing plaster molds. With this technique the results of printed or cast ceramic pieces are predictable. But for this teapot the result is never the same, although each teapot has been created by following the same principle.

Every work includes the personalities of the artists and designers. The teapots are a direct expression of me. I recognize part of my personality in them, which is difficult to describe in words.

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