Blurred becoming

2024| Food waste powder, soil from the Athens area, Xuan paper | Diameter 21 cm x H 225 cm

In nature, decay may not exist within the realms of positive or negative interpretations - decay means that organic matter decomposes into inorganic substances, which then continue to support other life forms in different molecular compositions. The soil plays an important role. The colors in this work include both food waste powder, which is visible at the top, and light-colored soil that is dyeing the larger area of the paper. 

During my visit to a laboratory at the Agricultural University of Athens, the scientists introduced me to their current research and gave me a small jar of food waste powder collected from the Athens area. I used this food waste powder in my work.


The work is part of the solo exhibition ... a silvery leaf touches the soil and was created during a two-month residency at [SiC] supported by Art Futures, an international non-profit organisation that supports and initiates activities with an unconditional belief in the value of art, culture and education. [SiC] Space for International Cooperation, is an independent, non-profit project space in the heart of Athens. Privately run, international.