...a silvery leaf touches the soil

2024| Soil from the Athens area, Xuan paper | Diameter 153 cm x H 331 cm

In our living environment, matter and energy circulate silently. Imagine this scenario: when life ends and organic matter is segregated from the body, if its substances cannot be transformed and reused, it will lead to endless accumulation. Recycling is therefore essential for life, both human and non-human. 
Nearly 99.9% of life on earth is made up of 11 elements. By using 11 different colours of soil and rearranging them, along with wave patterns and interlocking structures, I attempt to artistically interpret the organic yet ordered circulation of nature, a process that has neither a beginning nor an end.


The work is part of the solo exhibition ... a silvery leaf touches the soil and was created during a two-month residency at [SiC] supported by Art Futures, an international non-profit organisation that supports and initiates activities with an unconditional belief in the value of art, culture and education. [SiC] Space for International Cooperation, is an independent, non-profit project space in the heart of Athens. Privately run, international.