Absence of end and beginning

2024| Video | 5:00:00

The process of circulation is silent. I follow the gradual changes in the colours of the soil to connect the land, the olive trees and the food. Likewise, this work has no beginning and no end. The video work consists of 15 images, each lasting 20 minutes. If you pay attention, you may notice the silent changes in the images, just like the circulation of matter in nature - leaves falling, decaying and transforming into nutrients...


The work is part of the solo exhibition ... a silvery leaf touches the soil and was created during a two-month residency at [SiC] supported by Art Futures, an international non-profit organisation that supports and initiates activities with an unconditional belief in the value of art, culture and education. [SiC] Space for International Cooperation, is an independent, non-profit project space in the heart of Athens. Privately run, international.