Breathing soil

2023| Local soil from Madou, Tainan, Taiwan, Xuan paper | W 1178 cm x H 396 cm

As an artist working with ceramics, I explore soil as a unique form of artistic expression. While I used to rely on store-bought materials of consistent quality, I've developed a curiosity about their origins. Seeking a more local and distinctive approach, I embarked on an 80-day residency at Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center in Madou, Tainan. There, I collected 24 types of soil from the vibrant natural surroundings, orchards, and farmland. Back in the studio, I conducted experiments to emphasize each material's unique qualities. By using images created with local soil combined with traditional chinese paper, I invite the audience to view soil from a fresh perspective.

My wall installation consists of 29 pieces of traditional Chinese paper dyed with soil, inviting viewers to perceive soil from a fresh perspective. The inspiration comes from the color chart and the breathing nature of the soil. The colors come from the local soil. No extra man-made pigment was added.