Market vendors, soil microorganisms, the universe

2023| Local soil from Madou, Tainan, Taiwan, Xuan paper | (From left to right) W 250 cm x H 110 cm; W 250 cm x H 180 cm; W 250 cm x H 220 cm

Soil, essential for human survival, connects diverse elements. I use different soil imaging techniques to represent the Market vendors (crops grown from the soil), soil microorganisms (a microscopic perspective. Crops thrive through collaboration with soil microorganisms.), and the universe (soil is part of the universe). Facing the installation, from left to right, it simultaneously embodies a process of transitioning from the concrete to the abstract, from the known to the vast unknown. To convey this concept, the vegetable market imagery is created using a familiar brush dipped in pigment (soil), while the soil microorganisms and the universe are produced using imaging methods developed during this artist-in-residence.