Natural or artificial

2022| soil, sand and natural stones from Fränsta, Sweden, clay, color pigments for ceramics; fired in wood and electronic kilns, unglazed | various sizes, the average size of each stone is about 4x5.7x4.2 cm; 15 stones

Rocks and soil are probably the most common and neglected visible elements on earth. In this era of rapid technological development, some might think they can override nature. Can humans really surpass nature? I created this work during my artist-in-residence in Fränsta, Sweden in 2022. Inspired by the richness of nature in the area, I used locally sourced stones as inspiration and mixed clay with soil and sand, also sourced locally, to make artificial stones.
In this installation, 5 artificial stones are fired in a wood-fired kiln, which means that nature (fire and plant ash) largely re-influences the formation of the stones; 4 artificial stones are also fired in an electric kiln, which means that I have more control over the appearance of the stones. There are 6 real natural stones from the local area. I present the natural and the artificial stones together and invite the audience to distinguish which ones are real or artificial.
Can I do everything I can to recreate the seemingly mundane stones of nature?