Ugly ones

2012| Ceramics, wood, videos, projector | Various sizes

The installation consists of a video and ceramic objects that can be divided into two groups, which are in recognizable contrast to each other. Objects from the first group have a rough surface, sharp edges, cracks and a heavy weight. The other have smooth textures and invite you to touch them.

I question the relationship between beauty criteria and value. In order to create the visually appealing, that is, "beautiful" ceramics, many regulations must be followed in the making process. An aesthetically successful work is uniform in texture and free of flawed elements. The compulsion to conform to these specifications inhibits not only the creative development of the artist, but also the autonomous interpretation of the viewer. During the process of making the objects from the first category, I deliberately dispense with aesthetic norms and focus instead on the unfolding and results of artistic genesis.

In the market, one unconsciously associates the value of a good with its price. On a ceramic market I present the "beautiful" ceramics with low price and the "ugly" with high price. In the exhibition, the video shows the reactions of potential buyers at the market.