Tea man - Object for daily use that reflects negative emotions

2015| Porcelain, stainles steel | 5.2 x 5.2 x 5 cm

Inspiration and concept

What are the values of life that we should pursue? Is there a norm that defines what is "normal" and what is "abnormal" in terms of lifestyle? For a while, I felt an inexplicable sense of depression. Is it normal to be depressed? How long is it "normal" to be depressed? I have to admit that both negative and positive feelings are part of being human. I wondered if the advertisements and everyday objects we encounter unconsciously instill certain values in us. What would it be like if there were objects for daily use that reflected not only positive but also negative emotions of people?

The choice of the idea carrier and the use of materials

Water is a fundamental element for human beings. By using water as a base, tea can be found in many cultures. I found an interface between the art concept and people's daily life. To express the discomfort I feel, which is difficult to explain, I used dark blue colored porcelain as a base, covered with a green glaze. This blue-green color is hard to define and is rarely seen in food.

For the preparation of tea, we usually use hot water. At that moment when the hot water is poured over the object, the intangible pain is visualized.

With this work, I would like to reflect on how we deal with negative emotions and how we can adapt. Will it be possible in the future for everyday objects to reflect our diverse values? If so, what is it like to live in such a society?