Empty Space

Empty Space

2015 / Porcelain, stainless steel chain, food-safe silicone


Empty Space is a tea infuser and presents the negative feeling of people.


Many products show the positive feeling through their color, form and usage. This reflects somehow our wish to be happy, which is understandable. But sometimes we do feel sad or lonely. It belongs to life and should be talked about as well.



Since the products accompany our daily life, they already have the power to influence our thinking. At this point, it is important to create Empty Space, which aims to encourage people to tolerate the negative feeling.



We all need water and tea is one of the most popular drinks in many cultures. In order to communicate with most of people, Empty Space is chosen to be made as a tea infuser. Empty Space expresses the negative feeling not only through the suffered posture, but also through the usage – a man is poured with hot water. As the water comes over his head, it creates a space that he set alone in it.

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