The Ugly Ones

2012 / Clay, Wood, cuctus, video projector


Break the "ceramic rules"!


For long times I had been focused on ceramic techniques and harmonious form. My early works have something in commont: they are glazed and follow the “ceramic rules” which aviod that the clay figures get cracks and keep the surface clean.


But why should ceramic be like that?


My "ugly" objects are made of slurry - they are heavy, unglazed, scharp and not functional. During the making I put as much slurry as I could without considering about the "ceramic rule". Through this way I throw the expected thinking of ceramic.


The ugly objects were presented together with the "beautiful" teapots, which took many hours of modelizing. The are shown in the ceramic market, where visitors can buy beautiful ceramic for use and decoration.


As a complete work, The Ugly Ones includes the ugly objects, the beautiful teapot and a video. The video documents the reaction of the market visitors.

Photo taken during the market

Video shot

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